Mentoring Programmes

Business mentoring ensures that there is a continued back up to provide ongoing training, evaluation of systems and support of your team in order that your business can maximize the bottom line. Let Storkeys’ Team demonstrate why mentoring can be the answer to your company’s needs today.

Why use Storkeys’ Team?

Mike and Lesley have spent the last 25 years specialising in personal development in both business and community organisations. Working with individuals or groups and seeing them reach their potential is one of the most rewarding aspects of mentoring according to the pair. Many reach a level of proficiency and then stagnate; the real challenge is to unlock the potential within. A challenge that Mike and Lesley find immensely rewarding.

Personal Development

Change is the only certainty in this modern world. To take advantage of the opportunities that change presents one has to constantly develop one’s existing skills and learn new ones. The only limit to an individual’s personal growth is the limit they place on themselves. As an individual find out what your potential really is, as an employer discover the talent that is within your organisation and put it to good use.

Embrace change with a Personal Development Programme

Speak Out!

  • Got something to say and don’t know how to?
  • Want to acquire the skills to help you communicate either on a personal or professional level?
  • Then enroll in Speak Out and have your say.

Speak Out is a course especially designed to enhance everyone’s communication skills whether making a sales presentation, giving a speech at a function, a job interview or just talking to your friends at a party or over the back fence.

Improve your communication skills with Speak Out!

Business Mentoring Programme

In all facets of life, any ability, talent or business skills need to be constantly exercised and upgraded in order to maintain a competitive edge. World champion athletes all have coaches. Sporting teams rely on regular training and guidance from coaches to ensure their continued success. Businesses are no different.

Business Mentoring provides the opportunity to ensure that the vital activities of training, facilitation and development are an integral part of your business operation. Storkeys’ Team can provide a specifically designed yearly programme to meet your company’s unique needs.

From regular staff training sessions and assessments to the development of a business plan, strategic planning and facilitation, this programme keeps the business on track and you in control.

Achieve your goals with our Business Mentoring Programme

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