Speak Out!

Got something to say and don’t know how to?

Want to acquire the skills to help you communicate either on a personal or professional level?

Then enrol in Speak Out and have your say.

Speak Out is a course especially designed to enhance everyone’s communication skills whether making a sales presentation, giving a speech at a function, a job interview or just talking to your friends at a party or over the back fence.

Learn how to control your nerves, engage your audience, write a speech and make an impression with your presentation. No matter what level your speaking ability may be, from the beginner to the more proficient, this engaging course will develop the skills you need to speak out and be heard more effectively.

Conducted over five weeks in 2 1/2 hourly sessions this course will provide you with the ability to communicate your ideas and thoughts with those you deal with at home and in the work place.

Due to the individual nature of the training numbers are restricted to only 20 per course.

Why not invest $250.00 in your future and enjoy the challenge that most people fear more than death (public speaking), join us and Speak Out.

The Speak Out Course

This course covers:

  • Impromptu speaking
  • Speech preparation
  • Delivering a presentation
  • Gestures & vocal variety
  • Reading your audience
  • Controlling your nerves
  • How to introduce a speaker

Your Trainers

Mike and Lesley from Storkeys’ Team have been successfully presenting communications training programmes for over 15 years. For them the key is providing training in an environment of enjoyment. As members of Toastmasters International, the world’s foremost communication organization, they have honed their skills in order to provide you the opportunity to develop your skills.

Do your communication skills measure up?

  • Can you confidently present yourself in the best light in a face to face job interview?
  • When called upon to make an oral presentation to colleagues, club group or social function, do you feel intimidated and inadequate?
  • At community meetings, do you have your say or remain silent due to nervousness?
  • Are you often misunderstood because you cannot find the words to express your feelings?

In these challenging times it has never been more important for you to present yourself as a confident, articulate and capable communicator.
Let Speak Out transform your skills and provide you with the opportunity to be heard. In just five weeks amaze your workmates, friends and yourself at your new found ability to contribute and present your ideas and actually enjoy the experience.

“Both Lesley and Mike have demonstrated great presentation skills, with an easy to understand approach and involving everyone.  They certainly present to people not talk down to people. Questions are asked, points raised, sometimes forms completed and then used to gain more participation.
I have only seen people walk away keen to get on with the “job” after Mike and Lesley’s presentations.  They manage to inspire their audiences.
They both have the ability to get their point across without making people feel small or that they are being lectured.”
Sandra Simpson, Toastmasters International Trainer

Book a Speak Out course now!

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