Identifying and Managing Bullying in the Workplace

Time: Full day workshop

Bullying is an insidious, infectious disease which cannot be allowed to establish itself in the workplace. It destroys personal confidence, eliminates job satisfaction and can create an atmosphere of distrust and disharmony in any team. Recognising it is only half the solution; having the practical knowledge of how to combat it is the other half.

Throughout this one day workshop we will provide practical examples, tools to assist and useful contacts and links.

With so much emphasis currently being placed on this issue at all levels of society, it is extremely timely to address this topic where ever possible. The provision of a practical training session to provide staff with an effect means of dealing with bullying in the workplace clearly demonstrates an employer’s commitment to eradicating the practice within its organisation.


Points  covered:

  • What is bullying?
  • Types of bullying
  • How do you identify bullying?
  • What is not workplace bullying?
  • What  contributes?
  • What are the results of bullying?
  • How do you manage bullying?
  • What are the benefits of managing bullying?
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